Nitto Yumex

Nitto Yumex


To realize next-generation manufacturing

Based on experience and technology, we are constantly creating and challenging new fields that will lead to the future.

Development of ultra-high-purity magnesium manufacturing technology
We can develop round bars and flat lumbers by extruding ultra-high‐purity magnesium.
Established ultra high-purity magnesium processing technology
Bioabsorbable bone plate screws developed by ultra-high‐purity magnesium.

Development of ultra-high-purity magnesium manufacturing technology(patent pending)

Projects adopted.

2012/01Adopted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry – Third supplementary budget – Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation.
Adopted by Fukushima – Medical welfare equipment development cost subsidy.(3 years in a row.)
2015/07Adopted by Saitama-shi – upgrading human resorces for research and development task-force project.
Adopted by Saitama – Industry-academia collaboration research project subsity for medical innovation(3 years in a row.)
Collaborative research with Faculty of Medicine of Kobe University.
Development of centrifugal fan (acquired new utility project)
We developed a centrifugal fanlow for a low noise, low power consumption, wind power factory.
We also developed a belt grinder with an environmentally friendly dust collector, as a series of “Quper”.
2013/11Adopted by support for research and development by manufacturing SMEs.
2019/06Saitama – Next-generation type of a project for product development.
Development of driver with fall prevention function (patent pending)
Light drivers made only of resin.
No need for separate disposal and can be prevented from falling regardless of the material of the screw.
+ For small screw
Regardless of material and applicable to machine screws.
Can also be used for products with current.
Can be used in MRI and disposable.
2018/06Adopted by Saitama – Support for medical manufacturing prototype development and commercialization assistance business.
2019/07Adopted by Saitama – Support for manufacturing technology and development suppport.
2019/09Adopted by Saitama – Support for Innovation R&D Program.