Nitto Yumex

Nitto Yumex


Mission to shape

As we prepare fulfilling facility, we can provide high-precision processing to mesuament consistently, including procuring ADC mold, processing and secindary processing.

We suggest a optimal processing method in terms of quality and cost with thinking the value of products first. We accept development prototype to mass production.


The motto of Nitto yumex is High precision and speed with making full use of 3, 4 and 5 axes functions.

“WORKS” – processing an acryl heart.

“WORKS” – an acryl heart.
(a finished product)

Processed with Otori FTV-500.

Image left: Front
Image right: back

14 new 5 axes processing machine

We can respond to customers’ requests as corresponding polyhedral and composite shape with 14 5 axes processing machine.



Nitto yumex can deliver stable products as we own verious inspection equipment and fulfilling quality assurance system.
Coordinate Measuring Machine 3units
Image Measuring Device 2units
Tool maker’s microscope 2units
Shape measurement device 1units
Roughness meter 1units
Projector 1units
Roundness measuring instrument 1units
Hardness meter 1units
Tool presetter 2units
X-ray fluorescence 1units
Desktop scanning electron microscope 1units
Eddy current type film thickness meter 1units
Microscope 1units