Nitto Yumex

Nitto Yumex


Confident in high precision assembly.

We provide integrated production including parts processing, various procurement, and assembly. Utilizing our abundant experience, we can stably provide precision and highly accurate assembly products. In addition, we will reduce the management man-hours of our customers by the procurement power of our own network. We also have many achievements in OEM production.


Optical equipmentassembly, OEM production
Medical equipmentassembly, OEM production
Surveying equipmentassembly, OEM production

Procurement power

Flexible procurement is possible according to customer needs. We have a good reputation in the procurement of ADC molds, die castings, and materials, and we have many achievements. We will help you from product launch.
Please experience the cost advantages of integrated production. 

Products handled (partial)

ADC Mold/Material/Die casting/Casting/Forging/Sheet metal/Press/Resin/Rubber/Lens/Glass/Vapor tube/Plating/Painting/Sculpture/Silk printing/Laser marker etc.